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Апрель 2019 —
июнь 2021
2 года 2 месяца
Dobryi MyasnichOK
Startup of my first own business project. It's small meat and BBQ shop. I'm making products and cooking for my customers. Also I've organize all business relationships with suppliers and town administration for this startup. Created and develop the menu. And I've find and install all necessary equipment for production.
Ноябрь 2018 —
январь 2019
2 месяца
MUP "KB "Mitrofanovskiy"
Organization of work of social service company. Subordination of 35 people. The scope of activity of the company includes: water supply, water disposal, repair and maintenance of sewage and water utilities, district heating and ensuring uninterrupted operation of the coal boiler (6 apartment buildings), snow cleaning in the winter period, removal of solid and liquid municipal waste.
Январь 2016 —
август 2018
2 года 7 месяцев
Regional Service Manager
Audit according to HACCP standards of clients food production areas. Training of customers personnel with new methods and types of chemistry usage. Subordination of montage crew. Service maintenance of the equipment of the company installed on the customer’s production. Gathering information about the market in the assigned territory (competition, prices, demand) and providing information to the manager. Implementation of the monthly, quarterly and annual plan for service visits and sales. Preparing of the reports to the main office (in Moscow). Preparing of the orders for the spares needed for service in entrusted area.
Январь 2016 —
август 2016
7 месяцев
Guardian Industries
Process engineer
Organization of work and technical support of glass coating line production. Maintenance and development of washing machiene and water treatment system. Quality control of washing and water treatment process.
Organization of spare parts maintenance, service and repair of entrusted equipment. Quality control of service and maintenance process.
Serching for suppliers. Purchasing of tools and spares.
Solved problems with cooling system of the coating line.
Increased quality of the glass washing by tuning of the equipment.
Improoved supliers chain.
Found new cheaper suppliers of the spares.
Июль 2014 —
июнь 2015
11 месяцев
Repair engineer
Organisation and control of Desiro trains repair in depot. Warranty claims activity. Preparation and actualization of the operational documents. Checking of repair documents. Connection with customer according unplanned works. Tools and equipment maintenance. Working with SAP and CMMS (Cormap) systems. Quality control of repair operations and documentation.
Arranged measuring tools and equipment control and management process.
Organized "Bad Storage" and spare parts repair process.
Optimized process of work-orders filling in Cormap system.
Optimized work with sub-suppliers and warranty team.
Supervised dispatchers and service teams (10 persons).
Декабрь 2013 —
апрель 2014
4 месяца
Service Engineer
Technical support of the customers in CIS and Turkey areas. Startup and supervising of the equipment in the customers area. Warranty claims activity. Engineering and technical support of the technical offers and contracts for crushing equipment. Maintenance of the using equipments with spare parts in the entrusted area. Preparation of the service center project in the aim to support customers in CIS and Turkey regions. Involved in staff recruitment for mechanical and engineer positions.
Сентябрь 2012 —
ноябрь 2013
1 год 2 месяца
Railcomp (Alstom & TMH JV)
Methods and tools engineer
Actually functions of Master Mechanic.
Startup of Alstom (France) production project in Russia. Managed buying of the tools and equipment for startup and found suppliers. Designed and worked out technical specifications and drawings of the equipment. Arranged measuring control of tools and equipment. Designed special tools and equipment. Arranged the work of the warehouse of the tools. Arranged tools storage in the workstations according APSIS (5S) standards. Programmed the screwdrivers wireless systems (Atlas Copco IRC Focus) for production lines. Managed the buying of the tools. Organized tools control and managing system.
Supervised electrician and locksmith. Regularly involved 20 persons from production lines for assembling jobs.
Январь 2011 —
июль 2012
1 год 6 месяцев
Took part in startup of Swedish production in Russia.
Assemblage of the agricultural machines.
Took part in certification tests of products.
Warranty claims activity.
Conducted the technical education for the service repair team.
Quality control in production process.
Translated the technical documentation from English to Russian.
Декабрь 2007 —
сентябрь 2010
2 года 9 месяцев
Voronezh diesel engine locomotive repair factory
Process Engineer
Coordinated and supported diesel engines repair production.
Developed manufacture of diesel locomotives wheel pairs.
Warranty claims activity.
Participated in audit of spare parts suppliers.
Coordinated and developed technological processes, technological instructions and techniques, with a view improvement of repair quality and production.
Controlled compliance of the processes on industrial sites of the entrusted divisions. Quality control of the repair process execution.
Participated in the corporate program of “lean production”.
Introduced new kinds of repair and metal cutting productions.
Introduced modern equipment in industrial processes (metal cutting and thermal spraying).
Involved in the working travels, connected with warranty issues.
From 2007 till 2008 worked in diesel repair work shop with powers of substitution of the production engineer of the metal cutting department. Subordinated 16 operators of metal cutting machine tools.
From 2008 till 2010 worked in factory's technological department subordinated 5 process engineers of entrusted departments.

Образование высшее

Voronezh State Technical University, Voronezh
Faculty of Automation and Robotization of Mechanical Engineering, Metal-cutting machine tools and equipment

Знание языков

Русский — родной
Иностранные языки
АнглийскийA1 — Начальный

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Разрешение на работу: Россия
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